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Silvia Ileana Stella

Makeup / Artist

Silvia Ileana Stella - Makeup / Artist

World Bodypainting Festival 2011
Theme: " Renaissance"

For diviners and who belives to be so, alike, the tarots, are symbols that represent phases and common roles in the life of human beings from every culture and social context.
Inevitable milestones in a cyclical journey that accompanies us in the continuous quest of finding a balance, in an eternal battle against all that is new, it is the result of clashes of dimensions, all different from each other, symbolized by male and female, man and woman.
The mask of Death, the XIII arcane, cries tears of blood, to exorcize the pain and allow redemption, but wears a crown of roses, to sweeten her thoughts.
The crown is a gift from the Temperance, XIV arcane, together with the coming to light of the colour of the skin from the ivory, towards recovering health and internal balance.
Through yellow and blue, night and day, lucidy and receptiveness, are represent the XVIII arcane, the Moon, female motherly archetype, that talks to us, telling us to enter in direct contact with our intuition and the XIX arcane, the Sun, the fatherly archetype, symbol of success, from the achievement in every sector to the rebirth.

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